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Continuum and Creative Writing Workshops

Words & Waves explores sourcing mark-making (creative writing / drawing / lines on paper)  in the somatic movement practice of Continuum.

How can our stories emerge from our felt-sense?

How can we write from our bodies and not only from our minds?


This work is powerful in helping to bridge our internal movement and meditations practices into the more human domain of communication and expression.

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Sourcing Creativity in the Body

Words and Waves is the practice of integrating breath, sound, and movement with the ancient human act of marking surfaces. We gather for intimate, 3-4 day workshops where we explore somatic movement sequences based in Continuum, and use brush-tip pens on large pads of paper, in a communal setting. As all members of the group move between marking, breathing, sounding and moving, we track the mysterious play of the communal and individual imaginal and subconscious realms.

By breathing, sounding, and exploring the subtle movements of Continuum, we unwind our habitual patterns of thinking and writing, and gain access to a broader, more potent realm of creativity.

Many of our students are artists and writers. Others are students of Continuum interested in bringing their internal work into outward expression. We welcome anyone interested in exploring the intersection of the fertile realms of the somatic and the imaginal. 

Words & Waves was founded by Rebecca Mark and Continuum founder Emilie Conrad.

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Please see the list below for currently scheduled workshops.

Rebecca and Emma co-teach 4 day workshops in Los Angeles, 2-3 times per year, as well as in New Orleans, Atlanta, and Vancouver. They each also teach individually.

Rebecca and Linda co-teach workshops in the Bay Area and Seattle. 

If you are interested in hosting a workshop in your city, please contact us

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  • Online Daylong Words & Waves Workshop with Rebecca & Emma
    Time is TBD
    Online Workshop
    Discovery through movement, gesture, mark-making and story. Held on Zoom
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Teachers of Words & Waves Workshops

Rebecca Mark_388_pbc-scr.jpg


 Poet. Writer. Professor of English.

Rebecca founded Words and Waves with Continuum Founder Emilie Conrad in 1980.  She is the author of Ersatz America and is Director of the Institute for Women’s Leadership at Rutgers University



Artist. Acupuncturist. Continuum and Somatic Movement Teacher.

Emma has been teaching Words & Waves since 2014. She also teaches ongoing somatic movement classes and holds a private practice as physician of TCM in Los Angeles, CA.

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Therapist. Continuum and Somatic Movement Teacher.

Linda is a somatic bodyworker and therapist. She co-teaches the movement aspect of Bay Area Words and Waves workshops with Rebecca Mark.

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Marks on Paper

A film by Hanna Heiting

Offering a window in to our workshops.

We explore sourcing mark-making (creative writing / drawing / lines on paper) in the somatic movement practice of Continuum.
How can our stories emerge from our felt-sense?
How can we write from our bodies and not only from our minds?

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A film by Hanna Heiting

Alphabet charts the process of “Words and Waves” - somatic movement and creative writing workshops led by Rebecca Mark and Emma Destrubé. It is a window into their unique, expressive worlds, and into their devoted exploration of how the movement practice of Continuum can cue the creative process.

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More about Alphabet

"Words and Waves is an extraordinary generative and expressive process. Cued by specific Continuum breaths, sounds, and movements, the imagination travels through the tissues of the body to show itself on the page in lines, symbols, drawings, words, themes, and stories. The tone of the sound and movement etches into you and shapes what comes forward. The landscape is vast and free: sharply changing perspectives, characters, references, or frames of time. Entering these landscapes is much like the somatic practices of entering ourselves. As we follow the movements of the pen in hand, a poetic coherence emerges from a place somewhere between the heart and the imagination, between a deep knowing and not knowing.

Hanna Heiting’s docu-poem, Alphabet, follows Words and Waves co-founder, Rebecca Mark, and instructor, Emma Destrubé as they mine mysterious, imaginary realms from their own breath and movement explorations, offer commentary on each other work and articulate the processes of their own creations. The results are poetic, self-revealing, and often humorous. Both Rebecca and Emma are original creative artists and together, they provide meaningful and compassionate guidance for others. It is clear as you watch the film that Heiting’s own participation in documenting and shaping the film creates layering and involution of another creative process on top of and with what is happening in the room.

Words and Waves is truly a unique art form that holds great appeal and enhancement for writers, visual artists, Continuum lovers, and somatic practitioners, as well as for explorers of realms of consciousness and self-discovery. Personally, as a writer, I thrill in the open creativity. As a Continuum teacher and practitioner, it’s sheer joy to revel in the artistic expression of somatic movement that often remains in the movement realm, and is savored for its own sake. This is a playful process by which language, itself, is allowed the freedom to explore all the ways it wants to express, leading to some surprising depths and delights."

Sharon Weil
Continuum teacher, author, speaker

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